Global Studies Schedule:

Week of Jan. 19th


1. Signed syllabus
2. Define one vocab. term
3. Cover textbook and bring for Mon.

Week of Jan. 26th

Monday: Textbook notes on 9-1 and 9-2 using Method 1

Tuesday: Snow day

Wednesday: Snow day

Thursday: Textbook notes on 11-1 using Method 2

Friday: Textbook notes on 11-2 using Method 3

Week of Feb. 2nd

Monday: Another snow day!

Tuesday: Yet another snow day!

Wednesday: Textbook notes on 12-2 using Method 4

Thursday: Study for Unit 1 quiz

Friday:Textbook notes on 13-2 using any method of your choice

Week of Feb. 9th

Monday: Snow Day

Textbook notes on 13-1 using any method of your choice

Textbook notes on 13-2 using any method of your choice

Thursday: Start Letters Home from the Trenches creative writing assignment

Friday: Letters Home from the Trenches due Wednesday, Feb. 18th

Week of Feb.16th

Wednesday: Notes (your choice) on 13-3

Thursday: Notes (your choice) on 13-4

Friday: Create outline for WWI test essay

Week of Feb. 23rd

Monday: Study for World War I test tomorrow

Tuesday: No homework

Wednesday: Parent signatures for research papers

Thursday: Keep working on narrowing your topic and creating a research question

Friday: Notes on 14-1; narrowed topic and research question due on Monday

Week of March 2nd

Monday: Russian Revolution creative writing dialogue

Tuesday: Notes on 14-2

Wednesday: Notes on 15-2

Thursday: Notes on 15-1

Friday: 8 sources due on Noodletools (bibliography section) by Monday

Week of March 9th

Monday: Notes on 15-1

Tuesday: Notes on 15-3

Wednesday: Read article and start creating notecards

Thursday: Start notecards on Noodletools

Friday: Finish up notecards on Noodletools (6 due on Monday)

Week of March 16th

Monday: Notes on 15-4 and start studying

Tuesday: Study for test

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: Notes on 16-1

Friday: Work on notecards over the weekend; class day to work on Monday and notecards are due by midnight on Monday

Research project is due April 2nd

Week of April 13th

Monday: Study for midterms! Study guide is 3 bonus points!!

Tuesday: No homework

Wednesday: No homework

Thursday: Coming of Age in the Holocaust online reading homework Chapters 1 and 2

Friday: Coming of Age in the Holocaust online reading homework Chapters 3 and 4

Week of April 20th

Monday: Read "The Line" comic; highlight a sentence or two that stand out to you

Tuesday: Coming of Age in the Holocaust online reading homework Chapter 5 and background reading on the UDHR

Wednesday: Notes on 16-5

Thursday: Notes on 17-1

Friday: Finish parody verses for "We Didn't Start the Cold War"

Week of April 27th

Monday: Read 14-3, then write a 10 line dialogue using the characters

Tuesday: Read 17-2, then write a 10 line dialogue using the characters

Wednesday: Notes on 17-3

Thursday: Study for quiz tomorrow; bring in one of your research paper books for tomorrow

Friday: No homework

Week of May 4th

Monday: Notes on 17-4

Tuesday: Study for citations quiz

Wednesday: Read 17-5

Thursday: Study for quiz

Friday: Work on research paper

Week of May 11th

Monday: Notes on 11-4 (British in India)

Tuesday: Introduction and first body paragraph due TOMORROW

Wednesday: Notes on 14-4 (Gandhi)

Thursday: Notes on 18-1

Friday: Ho homework; work on research paper

Week of May 18th

Monday: Notes on 18-4

Tuesday: Warriors in the Community Day; revisions for research paper due tomorrow

Wednesday: Keep working on research paper

Thursday: Notes on 18-5

Friday: Read 18-3; focus on Rwanda section, work on research paper

Week of May 25th

Monday: Memorial Day; no homework. Work on your research paper!

Tuesday: Study for quiz tomorrow and work on research paper

Wednesday: Work on research paper

Thursday: Research paper is due TOMORROW (no exceptions)!
-Cover page
-Paper with correct citations and quotations
-Bibliography in correct format
-Upload the paper to by midnight on Friday

Friday: CONGRATS! No homework!

Week of June 1st

Monday: Notes on 19-1

Tuesday: Notes on 19-2

Wednesday: Notes on 19-5

Thursday: Notes on 19-3

Friday: Notes on 19-4

Week of 6/8

Monday: Start studying

Tuesday: Finish position statements; professional dress tomorrow

Wednesday: Keep studying for final; professional dress tomorrow

Thursday: Study for Democracy quiz and final

Friday: Study for final!