Global Studies Research Paper:


Good websites by topic:

World War II/Nazis/Holocaust:

Holocaust Museum:

Lots of WWII links can be found here:


1920s and 1930s:

Stalin: (Soviet propaganda)

Hero or villain?

Cold War:

North Korea:

Women's roles:

Research Paper Resources:

1. Start with background information in your textbook.

2. Then, check out VRHS library resources and encyclopedias:

For Valley’s library resources, go to the main page of Region 4 Schools. Under “Our Schools,” click on Valley. Then go to Media Center and click on Library Reference. For books, click on Online Catalog.

Use these databases:

Gale World History in Context

Click topic and find your topic. Then, either search or browse the references, academic journals, and primary sources. Do not use News or Magazines.

Britannica Online (an encyclopedia to get a basic overview)

3. Use online scholarly journals and articles. Here are some good websites to help you:

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Links to primary and secondary resources, by topic

World History Matters: Search for primary sources
Advanced Search:

4. Hit the bookshelves for some books! Remember, some of your sources have to be print.

5. To get the best grade possible on this paper, you should use at least one primary source! Here are some good online resources for primary sources: (Europe)